Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kumihimo Instruction - Braiding Disk Template

"Kumi" means to braid or gather together and "Himo" means string or cord so "Kumihimo" means simply braided cords. Traditionally Kumihimo is done on a Marudai which is a round wooden stand that the braider would kneel at. Modern braiders tend to braid at tables and Marudai can be made of plastic and more portable versions are simple disks cut from thick foam rubber.

For a simple eight-strand braid you will need:

  • A sheet of thick card
  • 2 strands of thread or yarn a meter long in one colour
  • 2 strands of thread or yarn a meter long in another colour
  • Scissors


  1. First make your Marudai, use the template below to cut one from your card.
  2. Fold your 4 strands in half and knot them to make a loop, push this through the hole in the centre of your Marudai and wedge the strands into the slits as shown
  3. Move the top right strand to the slit to the right of the bottom pair then the bottom left strand to the slit to the left of the top strand.
  4. Rotate your Marudai a quarter-turn anti-clockwise and repeat with the two other pairs.
  5. Continue working this way until your braid is the desired length then knot it and trim away the excess thread.

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