Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kumihimo Friendship Bracelets

Kumihimo Series - A fashionable version of the friendship bracelets you dress in as a kid. Necklace and bracelets are made of a braided cord using the Japanese method of Kumihimo.* Beads are then hand-stitched on the braid. They are complete with a hook and a charm on the end to give them an adult feel. Wear bracelets set on your wrist just like you did when you were young! All pieces are one of a kind owed to the nature of their design.

*Kumihimo: The best projecting historical use of the cords by samurai as both a useful and attractive way to lace their lamellar armor and their horses’ armor (barding). Kumihimo cords are now used as ties on haori coats and obijimes, which are used for tying on an obi (kimono sash).

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